The Honours course in Fine Art is a challenging year to which the graduating students have responded intelligently and energetically. The objective of the program is to support students to make the transition to visually literate and intellectually informed professional practitioners, confident of their own voice and capable of operating on the international stage of contemporary art. Central to this objective is encouraging students to use art theory creatively, as a tool for developing, sustaining and invigorating studio practice.

The strengths of the Honours course rest on a combination of a rigorous art theory program, developed and lead by Dr Daniel Palmer, studio critiques and the studio mentor program. The latter enables students to work closely with a specific lecturer with an affinity to their research project; at the same time as drawing upon the large pool of staff involved in the program. The studio mentors for 2011 were Christian Capurro, Dr Fiona Macdonald, Dr Terri Bird and myself.

The studio critiques provide a forum to develop critical acuity and originality of thinking through the discussion of students’ work. These discussions are increasingly led by the student peer-group as the year progresses, and differences in option are respected and valued. Overall the program fosters a research culture that is analytic but not didactic, with staff encouraging each student to find their own path through contemporary practice.

I congratulate the students on their many accomplishments during an outstanding year; and wish then every success in the future.

Kit Wise

Associate Dean Education
Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours)
Course Coordinator

Staff listing:
Dr. Terri Bird
Christian Capurro
Dr. Fiona Macdonald