Industrial Design

Monash University’s Bachelor of Industrial Design degree distinguishes itself as a centre of innovation, educating design professionals. The Graduand Show celebrates the achievements of the course and sets the path for the next era of growth. The 2011 group of students demonstrate the diverse nature of the discipline. However they all share a progressive and optimistic vision of the future, as their research has led to products that seek to better mediate between people and technology. Their work challenges the prevailing culture or responds to contemporary issues in our society.

These new graduands are sensitive to product possibilities and have an understanding of how to realise them. We believe that in times of economic uncertainty they will be a competitive asset for any employer and can be expected to tackle any role given to them with the utmost vigor. We wish them well in their future careers.

I would like to acknowledge the dedicated contribution of the teaching staff and practicing designers involved in the Industrial Design program and in particular Mark Richardson, Dr Robbie Napper, Mario Milici, Vito Bila, Mike Chester (General Motors), Mario Milici, Alicia Renew, and the fourth year student organizing representative, Ryan de Remer.

Selby Coxon

Course Coordinator
Industrial Design