Multimedia and Digital Arts

The three-year Bachelor of Multimedia and Digital Arts degree is an intensive period of learning, conceptual development and personal growth. The degree is designed to foster and nurture the creative and artistic potential of our students for the highly competitive and rapidly expanding creative industries. Students may opt to continue into a fourth year of Honours study in which they research, develop and produce a major project of their own conception.

The first two years of the degree are designed to give students the conceptual skills and practical skills to succeed within their chosen field. In the final year of their degree students are encouraged to specialise in either Multimedia or Digital Arts as a studio practice. This specialisation is an opportunity for the individual student to focus on an area of specific interest and a particular studio methodology. The streams are arranged as follows:

Multimedia specialises in web design, DVD production, interactive games, and motion graphics production; Digital Arts is primarily focused on character design, cross-media narrative and animation.

These studio activities support the development of student skills in three major areas: (i) practice: students achieve advanced conceptual and technical knowledge and a high standard of professional practice in digital production; (ii) folio: development of a folio featuring creative digital works developed to a professional standard suitable for exhibition and presentation; and (iii) self: each student realise their unique talents and abilities through a personal style and approach. The Honours year focuses on developing a particular area of multimedia and digital arts to an advanced level of professional practice and specialisation.

Of course many thanks to all the lecturers and tutors involved in the degree during the past three years with particular thanks to Cameron Gough, Jeff Janet, Indae Hwang, Troy Innocent, Yuntae Nam, Cameron Rose and Trinh Vu; their expertise and insights are invaluable.

Mark Guglielmetti

3rd Year Studio Coordinator
Multimedia & Digital Arts