Visual Communication (Honours)

Visual communication design is a curious discipline. On the one hand, it can be strongly affected by technological developments, whether in the tools we use (layout software and font technologies) or the communications media and platforms to which we must cater (now tablet PCs, smart phones and constant revisions of HTML). On the other hand, the discipline is characterised by some seemingly unwavering ‘rules’ (particularly in the sub-discipline of typography, for example) and an enduring quest for the ‘best’ solution to a given communication design problem. Our graduates must navigate the tensions between these fuzzy-edged variables and constants, and still others as well. I am confident, however, that the 2011 graduands of the Monash University Visual Communication (Honours) program will approach the challenges of their chosen discipline with intelligence and sensitivity, and with flair and a good humour besides.

This year’s graduands have pursued a diverse range of projects, which span areas familiar to graphic designers, including type design, illustration, exhibition design and publishing, but which have also interrogated social networking, social responsibility, creative communities, local histories and the historical significance of the image. These projects contribute to knowledge within the discipline, and stand the students in good stead to make further contributions of this type, throughout what I hope will be rich and rewarding careers. I wish the students every success in their coming endeavours.

I must firstly thank the students for their hard work, dedication and collegiality, without which this program could not be what it is. Of course, thanks must also go to the staff members who have helped deliver the program: Gene Bawden, Stuart Geddes and Warren Taylor in the studio, Barbara Hall in design theory, and Robyn Robbins in professional practice. Thanks must also go to Visual Communication staff members Sarah Jones and Ned Culic, our sessional staff, and the many and various other staff and individuals — too many to name — who have advised and supported these students throughout their studies.

Dr Brad Haylock

Honours Coordinator
Visual Communication