Multimedia and Digital Arts (Honours)

The Multimedia & Digital Arts Honours program allows students to focus on personal vision while developing an awareness of theory and history in their research area. They also have an opportunity to develop advanced technical proficiency and critical analysis skills.

Some Day presents new creative works by three students who are particularly interested in 3D digital imaging. David Giuca explores a new format for storytelling by combining the concept of multiple frames in 3D digital technology with the traditional format of separate panels in motion pictures and comic magazine. Pierre Isnard is fascinated with the concept of Zombie in popular culture; he also explores the technique of “toon shading” in 3D software to create computer-generated motion pictures that resemble the traditional hand-drawn “cell animation”. Evan Luo experiments with the concept of alternate realities. Using different rendering methods in 3D computer graphics, Luo creates two parallel worlds in which a young man switches back and forth projecting his aspirations for future.

We congratulate our graduands on their achievements and enthusiasm.

Many thanks to all the lecturers and tutors involved in the program, with particular thanks to Jeff Janet, Mark Guglielmetti and Robyn Robbins.

Trinh Vu

Multimedia & Digital Arts Honours
Studio Coordinator