Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture program at Monash approaches the design of space with a mix of creative thinking and pragmatics through turning ideas into buildable form. It is concerned with providing solutions to spatial problems in commercial, cultural and domestic environments alike.

The final year project offers students an opportunity to deepen their knowledge through an individually chosen topic of interior architectural design. Each of the graduating group’s year long and self-directed thesis project consists of a spatial design proposition as well as a 1:1 built artefact or furniture piece. The students’ projects are accompanied by a thesis book which contains their research and investigations into the chosen topic and which illustrates the design process they have undertaken.

All projects are concerned with their chosen building’s specificity, i.e. its character, history and surrounding context. This specificity forms a basis to generate ideas about the spaces’ future use and inhabitation. The wide variety of creative and strategic approaches to the adapted spaces is a particular feature of this year’s graduating cohort. The approaches range from speculative designs such as a facility that deals with the containment of spreadable diseases to postcolonial tactics for exhibition design environments, and the many inventive ways of recycling old building structures. The projects rethink interaction and relationships between people, and consider how to deal with the wider consequences of their design propositions in terms of environmental and social sustainability.

The spatial design propositions and their representation express the passion and conviction of the graduating students. They also demonstrate the Interior Architecture program’s intent and concern for improving spatial habitation, social interaction and the building of communities in public and private environments.

We congratulate our graduands on their achievements, and our good wishes accompany them as they embark upon their careers.

Sven Mehzoud

Course Coordinator
Interior Architecture