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Program Co-ordinator + Senior Lecturer

Niki Kalms is Director XYX Lab / Space-Gender-Communication
Senior Lecturer and Program Co-Ordinator, Interior Architecture

Nicole Kalms
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Research output

Dr Nicole Kalms is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Architecture and founding director of the XYX Lab which leads national research in Space, Gender and Communication. In this role, Dr Kalms is leading two significant research projects Urban Exposure: Interactively Mapping the Systems of Sexual Violence in the Spaces of Melbourne, Australia, and Women and Girls Only: Understanding the Spaces of Sexual Harassment in Australian Public Transport. These projects are set to establish key partnerships with state and national stakeholders.

Nicole has a PhD in Architecture from Monash University. She obtained her Bachelor Degree in Architecture from RMIT and practiced architecture for several years before undertaking a Masters degree in Landscape Architecture (RMIT). Nicole is currently a full time member of Monash University's Faculty of Architecture where she leads the Interior Architecture program and has established the Program's design-based initiatives with a focus on cross-disciplinary studios and architectural theory.

Dr Kalms’ recent contributions the monograph Hypersexual City (Routledge 2017) which examines sexualized representation and precincts in neoliberal cities. Other research includes ‘I’m Here’: Identity and Obscurity in Locative Safety Technology for Women in Neo-Liberal Cities' (forthcoming 2017) in the edited book series Critiques, 'Hypersexual Occupations' (2015) in the edited book Occupation: Ruin, Repudiation and Revolution and 'Hypersexual Transgressions' (2014) published in the Architectural Humanities Research Association's journal Architecture and Culture. Dr Kalms regularly writes for a diverse non-academic audience, and is frequently invited to speak to the public about sexuality and urban space at major national and international cultural institutions.

Dr Nicole Kalms, Program Co-ordinator + Senior Lecturer
Pride Thinking / Design thinking : Workshopping strategic visions for Pride Thinking

As director of the MADA XYX Lab Niki worked with diverse group's of stakeholders. In Pride Thinking / Design Thinking the XYX Lab assisted the Pride Centre Board and Stakeholders to create a shared vision for the future Pride Centre in Melbourne, Australia. MADA’s XYX Lab merged play-based activities with more traditional design thinking methodologies to create a workshop experience that went beyond planning; setting a creative, collaborative, and joyful tone for the future development.

Dr Nicole Kalms, Program Co-ordinator + Senior Lecturer
Hypersexual City; The Provocation of Soft-Core Urbanism

Hypersexual City examines the occupation of urban space through the mediated representation of women’s hypersexualized bodies. A complex transaction proliferates in the commercial urban space of cities and Hypersexual City seeks to address the cause and consequence of the increasing dominance of gendered representation.

This book uses architectural case studies and analysis to make visible the sexual politics of architecture and urbanism and, in doing so, reveal the ways that heterosexist culture shapes the spaces, behaviour and relationships formed in neoliberal cities. Hypersexual City announces how examining urbanism that operates through, and is framed by, sexual culture can demonstrate that architecture does not merely itself adrift in the hypersexualized landscape of contemporary cities, but is actively producing and contributing to the sexual regulation of urban life.

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