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Dr Melissa Miles is an ARC Future Fellow (2014-17) and researcher based in the Art History and Theory program at MADA.

Melissa Miles
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Her research centres largely on the history and theory of photography. It capitalizes on the medium’s presence in diverse fields to shed new light on important social and historical issues, including the relationships between the public and private realms, the role of photography in creating a sense of place, and photography’s operation as a medium of cultural exchange between Australia and Japan. Along with photography, Melissa’s research interests include feminist art practice, inter-cultural relations, and studies of witness and testimony in contemporary culture.

Melissa’s first book, The Burning Mirror: Photography in an Ambivalent Light, was published in 2008, and two new books will be published in 2014-5. Other recent publications include a chapter in Drone: The Automated Image / Drone: l’image automatisée edited by Paul Wombell, and articles in History of Photography, Photography and Culture, and Law, Culture and the Humanities. Melissa is also a founding member of the Australasian Photography Research Network.

Dr Melissa Miles, Professor
The Language of Light and Dark: Light and Place in Australian Photography

ISBN 9780773545502 / Power Publications, Sydney, and McGill Queen’s University Press, Montreal

Dr Melissa Miles, Professor
The Burning Mirror: Photography in an Ambivalent Light

ISBN 9781740971966 / Australian Scholarly Publishing, North Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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