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Charity Edwards is a lecturer and urban researcher in the Department of Architecture at MADA, and a registered architect with over 15 years of experience.

Charity Edwards
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As a registered architect, Charity’s experience ranges from small-scale domestic renovation and large civic projects to international urban design and planning for practices in Melbourne, regional Victoria, Brisbane and Darwin. She currently collaborates with other spatial practitioners to create interiors, buildings and landscapes.

Charity’s research explores destructive, uneven, and more-than-human impacts of urbanisation and climate change at the scale of the planet. She foregrounds the long-disregarded space of the world ocean in these processes in particular, and uses image-making and video practices to explore spatial experience within urban theory. Charity is currently undertaking a research project on ‘Antarctic Geo-Imaginaries’ that investigates the increasing urbanisation of the Southern Ocean, and asks how and why this so often conflicts with our popular understanding of Antarctica as “like being on another planet”.

At MADA, she teaches design studio, theory, and urban processes in both the Interior Architecture and Architecture programs. In 2016, Charity received the Early Career Teaching Award for leading cross-cultural learning and new teaching support initiatives in the faculty over the previous two years.

As part of Melbourne’s wider culture of design discourse, she has partnered with visiting international practitioners on urban interventions; and continues to contribute to local, national, and international architecture and design media and events such as NGV's Art Book Fair public roundtable Architecture: What Matters?, Architect Victoria, Parlour, and the peer-reviewed IDEA Journal. She also curated the Australian Institute of Architects' Victorian Architecture Awards exhibitions in 2005 and 2006. Charity has most recently been an active ‘re-writer’ of notable Australian women architects into history as part of the international initiative. She has also been a presenter at the AHRA 2016 Architecture & Feminisms conference in Stockholm, Sweden, and the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the American Association of Geographers in Boston, USA.

Charity Edwards, Lecturer
Antarctic Geo-Imaginaries: the making and masking of an urban Southern Ocean

Exhibited at ‘Postcards From The Anthropocene: Unsettling the Geopolitics of Representation’, University of Edinburgh, June 2017

Charity Edwards, Lecturer
Wet Wet Wet: Hidden Political Ecologies in the South China Sea

Mixed media, to accompany 'Turbulent territories: the ocean, the urban, and the Anthropocene' research paper

Charity Edwards, Lecturer
Howard Place Safe Transport Space, Bendigo - with Williams Boag Architects

A new civic addition that caters for multiple events in the life of the city to suit residents, students and visitors in daylight hours, and as a safe taxi queuing area late at night for young adults. Winner of 2013 Bendigo Heritage Awards for ‘Development within a Heritage Area’

Charity Edwards, Lecturer
Community Chef, Altona - with Williams Boag Architects and in collaboration with specialist food process/kitchen system architect François Tesnière (3bornes Architectes, Paris)

An innovative low-energy food production facility with community learning spaces as a networked replacement for the traditionally small council-operated Meals On Wheels venues around greater Melbourne

Charity Edwards, Lecturer
Chisholm Institute Building G, Dandenong - with COX Architecture and integrated facade artwork by Geoff Nees/Studio 505

A new landmark teaching and learning building for this revitalised TAFE campus that derives its distinctive atmosphere from changing daylight conditions and foliage textures, read through lightweight translucent cladding. Winner of Best Environmental Building or Landscape, Architectural Excellence in the South East Awards 2007, Public and Institutional Interior Design Award 2007, and the RAIA COLORBOND® Award for Steel Architecture, 2006.

Charity Edwards, Lecturer
Chisholm Institute Building G, Dandenong - with COX Architecture

A custom super-saturated glazed reception space within the new building's robust sculptured precast interior.

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