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Anna’s PhD research centres on the concept of illusionism and its implications for the study of art and design history.

Anna Daly
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Research output

Part of it has been included in Surface and Deep Histories: Critiques and Practices in Art, Architecture and Design, an anthology of essays published February 2014. She also curated Spill, the fourth in a series of exhibitions dedicated to showcasing the work of emerging artists and designers of Chinese and/or Indigenous descent. She describes passing the test for a Victorian driver’s licence as “a ground-breaking moment” and is happy that she has less than a year to go on her Ps.

Anna Daly, Lecturer

Poster for the exhibition Spill at Tasma Gallery, Parliament Place, East Melbourne, 14 February - 13 March 2014. Co-curated by Anna Daly and Sara Daly.

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