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22 November 2017
Daniel von Sturmer: Electric Light (facts/figures)
Bus Projects, Collingwood
12 Apr – 6 May 2017
Daniel von Sturmer: Electric Light (facts/figures)

Daniel von Sturmer 'Electric Light (facts/figures)' Work in progress 2017. Image: Madé Spencer-Castle. Courtesy of the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery

Electric Light (facts/figures): an exhibition of new works by MADA Senior Lecturer Daniel von Sturmer.

Exhibition: 12 April – 6 May 2017
Opening: Wednesday 12 April, 6-8pm

Bus Projects
25-31 Rokeby Street
Collingwood, VIC

Looking at an empty space we see a frame, a boundary, a limit. The gallery walls, contours and surfaces, painted white to recede and disappear, are made a stage on which a series of traces are drawn. Light describes space, making the limit or extent of a space legible, distinct, apparent, ‘there’.

What are the facts? There are walls, a floor, a ceiling, and windows. The windows are windowed themselves: rectangles within rectangles. Painted white, the walls are marked, textured and contoured. There are features; mysterious, residual forms from prior purposes. Rendered white, they nonetheless are there. Factually present. Actualised in the past and preserved as historical record for the present/future. Here, now, you look around, at, through the space. You see things, perhaps for the first time. You see a space that is constructed: without and within.

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